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A Video by Mr.Dhanwant Singh Gill

Mr Dhanwant Singh Gill is an Indian by Birth and his wife is German.His daughter Shari Gill,was eager from her childhood to do something for her nation,India.Seeing the condition of India at the age of 10,Shari was depressed to see the poverty and wanted to help her nation.She believes Charity begins at home.So she wanted to help children in India and today she is the founder of MAJA foundation.

A Video By Miss Shari Gill

Ms Shari Gill,German by Birth at an early age felt really sad seeing the rise of child labour in India and that children do not have any right to dream for their future.Belonging to Germany,she believed in herself that she has more power to change the prolonged beliefs carried out in India.Some of her family stays in India who support her when She is not present in India.She wants children to stand on their feet and dream for themselves especially girls who she believes can change the poverty circle.