MAJA Humanity Foundation sponsors a number of students due to their families’ present poor economic conditions. On the left you can see Deepa and Vikram, two of many our students we are sponsoring. Their father is paralytic and has an injured backbone. Their mother is the sole breadwinner, by offering domestic help in households. However, her income is not sufficient to pay for her children’s education. In absence of social security our society came forward to meet the study expenses of these children.


MAJA Humanity Foundation collaborates with the Guru Nanak Charitable eye clinic in village Rani in order to examine the eyesight of economically weaker people from rural Ludhiana and if necessary, distributes glasses. MHF further helps people, who are unable to afford much-needed operations financially. Pawan Puri for example had to undergo a much-needed eye surgery, which without the organization’s financial support he would have been unable to afford.


Female Foeticide Awareness Campaign: The female/ male ratio of Ludhiana District as per 2011 census amounted 873/1000, compared to 940/1000 for all of India. Therefore, MAJA Humanity Foundation raised awareness about this social issue in the premises of health care institutes, colleges and religious places. Moreover, MAJA Humanity Foundation introduced computer courses for young women from vulnerable backgrounds to enable them to either continue further studies, where computer skills are inevitable or to pursue jobs in higher professions.